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October 19, 2015

Inspired by the legendary Gabriel Rodriguez 101 “Gabriel vs. The Crusher” graphic by Marc Mckee and Spike Jonze, the idea for the Paul Rodriguez “Wrassle” pro model came about on a Nike trip …

“You are in the hotel and you get start to get restless,” says Paul. “People start screwing around. Scuba and I got into a full-on wrestling match. I gave him the old hockey move and pulled his shirt over his head. Then put him in a chokehold. His shirt came all the way off and I had him in a sleeper hold and someone snapped a photo. When I showed it to Heath Brinkley he said it reminded him of the old Gabriel Rodriguez graphic from back in the day. “We were looking at that old board and realized that it kind of looked like Scuba anyway, so I said ‘Why don’t we just recreate that graphic in the same pose but use an actual photo.’ “Scuba was down. We shot the photo in about 10 minutes and it was done. It’s fun to get Scuba his own pro model basically. Shout out to my SHS homey.”

The Paul Rodriguez “Wrassle” pro model from Primitive Skate comes in 8.125" & 8.5" and is available now at and skate shops worldwide.


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