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Primitive Skate x Sixth Ave Demo in Nashville, TNMarch 06, 2018 Primitive Skate x Sixth Avenue demo and board collaboration in Nashville, TN. Featuring Paul Rodriguez, Nick Tucker, Trent McClung, Robert Neal, Franky Villani and Tre Williams. Filmed by Alan Hannon and Kevin Perez. Read More
Trent McClung UnmasteredNovember 11, 2017 After Trent McClung filmed for his Finish Line video and his Pro Part you know we've got plenty of B-Sides to go around. Check the alternate angles, the extended clips, the attempts, the ride aways, and the good times. Read More
"Throwed" Primitive in Texas VideoOctober 20, 2017 Join Carlos Ribeiro, Diego Najera, Nick Tucker, Trent McClung, Paul Rodriguez Devine Calloway, Robert Neal, Wacson Mass and Marek Zaprazny as they tour the great state of Texas. Filmed and edited by Alan Hannon, additional filming by Kevin Perez. Read More
The Pendleton Zoo (Unmastered)October 05, 2017 The raw clips and alternate angles from our Pendleton Zoo video. Featuring: Diego Najera, Trent McClung, Marek Zaprazny, Bastien Salabanzi and Carlos Ribeiro. Filmed and edited by: Alan Hannon. Additional filming by Kevin Perez. Shot in Barcelona Spain 2017. Read More
Trent McClung's "Finish Line" European Tour VideoSeptember 20, 2017 Trent McClung's "Finish Line" - European Tour video. Filmed and edited by Alan Hannon. Read More
SHANE O'NEILL - LEVELSAugust 24, 2017 Shane O'Neill drops his much anticipated part for Nike SB: "Levels". Read More
SHANE O'NEILL - CUTTING ROOM FLOORJune 21, 2017 The Skateboarders Journal dropped a special treat for Go Skateboarding Day with the release of Shane O'Neill's "Cutting Room Floor" - a collection of footage from Shane's "throw away" hard drive. Read More